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packing tips for switzerland

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Swiss Francs

Switzerland is at the heart of Europe, but you won’t be able to use the Euro here. Arm yourself with some Swiss Francs so you’re never short of cash.

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A good quality camera

Switzerland is famed for its natural landscapes, so you’ll want to bring a good camera with an extra SD memory card to capture them all.

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Layered clothing

Even in summer, the weather can change quickly in Switzerland. Pack some layers to get you through any temperatures, from sunny days to crisp mountain air.

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how to travel responsibly in switzerland

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Leave no trace

We can all help keep Switzerland beautiful by taking our rubbish with us, sticking to the trail to avoid damaging the fragile habitats, and following the rules of the protected areas.

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Bring a reusable water bottle

Reduce your plastic waste by bringing a refillable water bottle on your Switzerland trip. It’ll keep you hydrated while you’re on the move, plus you’ll do your bit for the environment.

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Don’t pick the flowers

You’ll find one of Europe’s widest range of flowers in the Swiss Alps, like primrose, edelweiss and bell flowers. As pretty as they are, it's important to keep your distance, to give them a chance to flourish!

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