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packing tips for japan

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Comfortable slip-ons

An important part of Japanese culture is taking off your shoes when entering homes, temples, ryokans and some restaurants. Bring a pair of sandals so you can easily slip in and out on your adventures!

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Japanese phrasebook

Learning a few Japanese phrases on your journey will help you connect with the locals and gives you a much more rewarding experience. Start with konnichiwa (hello) and arigatō (thank you).

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A camera

It’s impossible to visit Japan and not take hundreds of incredible pictures, so bring a camera or treat yourself to a new one at the electronics haven of Akihabara.

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how to travel responsibly in japan

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Get to know bathing etiquette

If you want to soak in a Japanese onsen, you’ll need to brush up on all the cultural rules, like washing before you enter and never dunking your head under the water.

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Be respectful of geishas

The Gion district of Kyoto is famed for Japanese geishas, but it’s important to never get in their way and only take photos from a distance - geishas are human too and the ones you see are probably just trying to get to work!

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Learn the local way of eating

It goes without saying that you’ll be enjoying plenty of Japanese food on your trip, but there are a few customs to be aware of, like chopstick manners and saying itadakimasu before eating.

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