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packing tips for ireland

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A portable charger

Your days will be filled with adventure in Ireland and you’ll want to capture it all. Bring a portable charger so you’re never caught with the dreaded low battery.

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A water and windproof jacket

Ireland is famed for its heavy rainfall and wild Atlantic winds, so bring some warm layers and a sturdy coat to stay warm and dry.

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A big appetite

With plates piled high with breads, meats, stews, puddings and potatoes in every form, you’ll need to bring your appetite when you visit Ireland.

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how to travel responsibly in ireland

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Bring a reusable water bottle

Tap water is safe to drink in nearly all of Ireland, so say no to plastic waste and bring your own reusable bottle. You can even find free drinking fountains to refill your bottle.

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Eat local

The best way to feast on Irish food is to eat at local restaurants and cafes, where you’ll discover mouthwatering regional dishes and historic Irish food traditions.

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Leave no trace

Ireland is filled with spectacular walking trails and you can help keep these landscapes beautiful by taking only pictures and leaving nothing but footprints.

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