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Turn your European fantasies into reality, from sailing the Greek Islands to exploring Italy's ancient wonders or raising a glass in the winelands of France.

North America Canadian Lake 867202804 GE Na 2124X1416


Get ready to go big in North America, from iconic cities like New York to massive natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Canadian Rockies.

South America Peru Macchu Pichu 1128315663 GE Na 2003X1502


Prepare for the magic of seeing South America’s wonders like the world’s biggest rainforest, tallest waterfall and largest river, plus beautiful beaches and ancient ruins.

Africa Safari 1126918703 GE Na 2124X1416


Get going on the trip of a lifetime in Africa, where adventure means spotting Kenya’s Big 5, exploring Namibia’s sand dunes and seeing the mighty Victoria Falls.

Asia Rice Fields 1173379468 GE Na 2123X1417


You can have it all in Asia so dive right into wonders like the emerald waters of Vietnam, the palaces of India and the rice fields of Indonesia.