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asia 2022, out now

packing tips for asia

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Light, long clothes

Most of Asia serves up a sunny tropical climate, so wear light, full length clothes to protect yourself from the sun and respectfully visit religious sites while staying comfortable.

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Sun protection & mosquito repellent

Don’t forget to stock up on SPF 30 or higher reef-safe sunscreen and a strong insect repellent, plus a hat and UV protected sunglasses for your Asia tour.

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Whether you want to snorkel off the stunning beaches of Vietnam or soak in the soothing onsens of Japan, come prepared for plenty of watery adventures when you visit Asia.

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how to travel responsibly in asia

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Dress modestly

Asia is a largely conservative continent and it's important to respect different cultures by covering your knees, shoulders and midriff, especially when visiting religious sites.

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Ask before you snap

It’s easy to get snap-happy when travelling through Asia’s beautiful landscapes, but it’s important to always ask permission before taking photos of people.

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Go plastic-free

Waste disposal is a huge problem for many countries in Asia. You can help out by using refillable bottles and bags to help do your part in limiting plastic use.

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