From the ancient beauty of the Roman Empire, to the rolling hills of Umbria, Italy has it all.

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"Trip was magic, scenery stunning"
Tracy, Jun 2014

Fall in love with Italy

A land of wonder

Losing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Italy is easy. You can explore the home of the Renaissance, travel to the captivating islands of Venice, or witness the charming hilltop town of Orte.

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Take a trip back in time, as far as 3000 years in fact, and soak up the incredible ancient culture of Rome. The grandeur of Italy’s capital city is as captivating as it is historic, unchanged even as it stands boldly in the present. Why not delve into its enchanting past and take a trip to Vatican City. Gaze upon the oval structure of the Colosseum and walk through an area once filled with thousands of excited spectators, standing ready to observe gladiatorial battles, executions and dramas. Journey as far back as the 2nd century AD and wander into the depths of the underground catacombs of the Roman Empire. Or cross the Tiber River and gaze upon one of the largest churches ever built, as you admire the magnificent St Peter’s Basilica.


The iconic birthplace of the Renaissance now stands as a treasure trove of Italian wonders, art and history. Soak up the city’s sights and travel to see the octagonal structure of the Baptistery, a white and green marbled masterpiece and one of the oldest religious monuments in the city. Meander over to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore , and observe a sight you really shouldn’t miss as you explore one of the most momentous cathedrals of the Renaissance. After you’ve acquainted yourself with Florence’s past, sit back and soak up the lively modern atmosphere of the city, or experience a demonstration of fine leather work, for which Florence is renowned. 


Venice is a place like no other. Born out of a need to seek refuge from Barbarian invasions, the 100 astounding islands that make up this unforgettable city were built in the centre of a lagoon. Home to glistening waters instead of tarmac, drive a car to these parts and you won’t get far. Instead, you can take a trip by gondola, or perhaps enjoy a private cruise along Guidecca Canal. Find yourself in the political and religious centre point of the city as you traverse St Mark’s Square, or soak up the romance of the city as you sail beneath the striking limestone spectacle of the Bridge of Sighs. Meet the locals as you journey south to Giudecca Island, and watch in wonder as Venetian craftsmen create delicate local specialities at a glassblowing workshop.

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