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Which country is the best to visit in June?

Greece, Italy or Spain are some of Europe's best places to visit in June. However, if you love Europe travel, use June to explore something even more unique: in much of Scandinavia, the sun never sets. You'll have the surreal experience of the sun being out at 3 in the morning. Pretty wild, right?

Is June a good time to travel?

Absolutely! There are loads of amazing June travel destinations in most of the Northern Hemisphere, and the prices aren't so steep compared to peak summer season. As there's so much choice, try going for one of our budget June tours where we set the itinerary, and you get to customize it as you go.

Where is hot in June in Europe?

Southern Europe sizzles in June. Countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain are some of the best places to travel in June if you want some sun along with Mediterranean charm. Bask in the sun while exploring historical treasures without the intense heat of peak summer.

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