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Where can I travel for wildlife discovery?

Which countries offer the best nature travel experiences?

How can we protect wildlife through ecotourism?

Bald Eagle in Alaska

Each continent has its own unique fauna, so you can seek out wildlife tours just about anywhere. Some favorite wildlife travel experiences include going on a safari in Kenya, exploring the jungles of Costa Rica and spotting marine life around Alaska.

Rice Field in Bali

For beaches, Bali and Costa Rica feel wild and untouched. For mountains, it’s hard to beat Switzerland or the Canadian Rockies. Then there are USA National Parks that offer some of the best experiences for nature tours no matter the season.

Man in yellow T-Shirt walking up jungle stairs

It’s simple. Don’t buy products made from endangered or protected species (like ivory), try to support conservation programs and look into the sustainability and ethics of any wildlife tours. FYI - all the experiences on our tours are regularly vetted by our team.