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"Most amazing holiday I ever had"
Bianca, Jul 2014

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From the buzzing beer halls of Munich to the picturesque town of Hamelin, feast your eyes on the immeasurable wonders of Germany. Lose yourself in the sights and sounds of Nuremburg’s bustling market place, or witness the significant expression of the Berlin Wall.

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Visit this city twice or thrice and you still wouldn’t have time to take it all in. Berlin presents its turbulent history in a multitude of ways, from the sombre to the quirky. If you wander to the East Side Gallery you can witness this mix as you walk alongside the sections of the Berlin Wall that still stand. Now a colourful exhibition of expression, this open air gallery stands as a visual symbol of the city’s freedom.

From here, be sure to head west to the Reichstag Building and witness its iconic glass dome, or walk under the neoclassical triumphal arch of the Brandenburg Gate. In your free time why not amble through one of the many green spaces this urban city has to offer, and take yourself through the inner-city park, the Tiergarten. 


To the north of the Bavarian Alps sits the lively city of Munich, home to a wealth of culture, and one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. The heart of the city beats with the buzz of Marienplatz, together with the chime of the famous Glockenspiel. Explore the contrast of Munich’s art scene, from the modernity of the Pinakothek der Moderne, to the ancient sculptures of the Glyptothek. Why not visit the world famous Hofbräuhaus  beer hall, and relax with a pint of German beer as you gaze up and to see the incredible painted ceilings of this 16th century building.


Journey to the stunning Black Forest region and immerse yourself in the vast beauty of the bordering Rhine Valley. Shades of emerald green blanket an astounding 3,700 square miles of this area in south-western Germany, making the Black Forest one of the biggest forests in the country. After exploring this incredible expanse of nature you can indulge in the rich flavours of German cuisine, from succulent smoked ham to a sumptuous slice of Black Forest cake. But even with a European sweet treat, no visit to Rhineland would be complete without a leisurely cruise along the River Rhine. Pass through bordering medieval castles and steep vineyards as you sail along these calm, shimmering waters.

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