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packing tips for latvia

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Day bag

A day bag comes in handy to keep your hands free while you spend your days sightseeing in Latvia and picking up special souvenirs.

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A pair of UV protected sunglasses is essential in all weather, from the bright sun of summer to the glaring white snow in winter.

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Waterproof coat

It rains for almost half the year in Latvia, so no matter what month you visit, you’re sure to need a reliable raincoat.

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how to travel responsibly in latvia

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Taste the local specialties

When you eat local, you get to learn about all the different food traditions of Latvia, plus you’ll be supporting local farmers.

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Leave no trace

Whether you're walking through the countryside or wandering the city parks, you can help keep Latvia beautiful by taking all trash with you and sticking to marked paths.

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Bring a reusable cup

There are dozens of amazing coffee shops you’ll want to try on your Riga trip. Help reduce waste by enjoying your coffee in a mug. Or if you’re on the go, bring your own reusable cup.

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