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packing tips for vietnam

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Reef-safe sunscreen & insect repellent

Protect yourself from the elements with an SPF 30 reef-safe sunscreen, plus avoid any nasty insect bites with a strong repellent.

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From snorkelling the spectacular islands of Nha Trang to dipping in the emerald waters of Halong Bay, you’ll definitely need a swimsuit when you visit Vietnam.

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Versatile clothing

You can easily go from super chilly temperatures on your Hanoi tour, to blazing sunshine in Ho Chi Minh, so come prepared for everything with some flexible layers.

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how to travel responsibly in vietnam

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Be kind to the reefs

The coral reefs off the coastline are one of the best things to see in Vietnam, so help keep them beautiful by doing your best to avoid touching or stepping on the coral.

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Be mindful of local customs

As the highest point on the body, the head is considered to be sacred in Vietnam and must not be touched. On the flip side, the feet are the lowest point and you must never point the soles of your feet at anyone.

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Shop and eat local

Support the local communities by shopping at local markets and eating in local restaurants. You’ll get to taste some of the country’s best food and see the incredible work of their artisans.

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