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packing tips for morocco

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Modest clothing

Morocco is a conservative country and you’ll need to wear modest clothing that covers your shoulders, knees and stomach. It’s best to wear long, loose clothing to beat the heat.

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A scarf is one of the most useful things to have when you visit Morocco. It keeps the sun and sand off your face, while women can use it to cover their head at religious sites.

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Slip-on sandals

It’s custom to take off your shoes when entering homes, hammams and traditional restaurants in Morocco, so bring a pair of comfortable slip-on sandals.

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how to travel responsibly in morocco

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Respect the religious rules

Islam is the state religion of Morocco and it's important to respect the rules that forbid non-Muslims from entering sacred areas like mosques and shrines.

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Ask before snapping

You could fill up dozens of SD cards with photos when traveling through Morocco’s spectacular landscapes, but it’s important to always ask permission before taking photos of people.

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Embrace the art of haggling

Haggling is a big part of Moroccan culture and while there are no set rules, you should only begin haggling if you genuinely want to buy something. Always offer a fair price, and don’t feel obliged to buy if you can’t agree on a price.

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