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europe and britain 2022, out now

packing tips for italy

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Italy is filled with some of the world’s most iconic sights. You’ll need a camera to capture highlights like the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Florence's stunning Duomo.

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Italian phrasebook

Italian is the passionate language of Italy, and you’ll find it easier to connect with the locals after learning some phrases. You can also download phrases to your Google Translate app offline.

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Boat shoes

You’ll cruise some of the world’s finest lakes and bays in Italy. With the likes of Lake Como and the Venetian Lagoon, come prepared for plenty of spectacular cruising.

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how to travel responsibly in italy

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Bring a reusable cup

Italy has some of the world’s best coffee and it’s best enjoyed in a mug. Enjoy your brew at the cafe or if you’re on the go, bring a reusable cup.

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Support local shops

Support local artisans and shop for souvenirs from independently-owned shops and markets rather than chains. When you buy locally, you’re helping keep alive the centuries-old artisan traditions of Italy.

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Taste the local delicacies

The best way to enjoy Italy’s divine cuisine is by eating at locally-owned restaurants. You’ll get to taste delicious regional delicacies, support local farms and learn about different food traditions.

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