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What are city package tours?

What are the best cities to visit?

What are the best cities to visit in Europe?

Bike in front of Graffiti, Hosier Lane

Want someone to sort out transport and accommodation so you can focus on fun? Join one of our unbeatable-value unpackaged tours. We’ll sort out the nitty gritty while you plan your city escape to include food, history and whatever you like.

Local man carrying pallet

It really depends on where your urban explorer heart desires. Feel the heat in Mumbai, soak in the romance of Paris, dive into the sea at Dubrovnik, sail beneath the famous bridge in Sydney – start ticking off these city escapes today.

Epic statues in front of a blue sky, Athens

There are so many incredible city escapes to take in Europe. Explore ancient history in Rome or Athens, enjoy endless sunshine in Lisbon or Barcelona, gallery hop in Paris, Florence and London, explore canals in Venice and Amsterdam… your choices are endless.