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What are the best travel destinations for couples?

Why is travelling important for couples?

What is the most romantic city to visit?

Blooming sakura trees around Kurama Dera Temple in Japan

Pretty much anywhere. There are obvious destinations for couples, like touring Italy where it’s easy to be swept up in the romance. And there are less obvious vacation spots for couples, such as Japan, where tasting new foods and experiencing a different culture will deepen your bond.

Couple taking a photo while on a hike

A couples holiday will bring you closer together. It’s a chance to forget about grocery shopping and bills and instead focus on the connection you share. Joining a tour is even better than travelling alone, as no one needs to plan a thing - you can both just relax and create new memories together.

Waterfall running down the rocks surrounded by forest

Some people like watermelon, and some people don’t. Every couple is different and one person’s idea of romance might be an adventure zip-line in the jungles of Costa Rica, while another couple might prefer to eat flaky pastries while strolling through Paris.