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packing tips for kenya

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Biodegradable bags

Plastic bags are banned in Kenya including Ziploc bags at the airport, so make sure you only bring carry bags made with materials like cotton.

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Mosquito repellent

You’ll come across a few mosquitoes and other insects on your Kenya trip, so be sure to pack a strong mosquito repellent and apply it regularly.

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Kenya is one of the best wildlife destinations in Africa, so come prepared with a pair of binoculars so you don’t miss a single elephant, lion or giraffe!

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how to travel responsibly in kenya

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Remember to tip

Many communities in Kenya rely on the tourism industry and you can do your bit by tipping your guides, waiters, drivers, chefs and hotel staff at least 10% of the bill.

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Dress modestly

Kenya is a conservative country, so make sure you cover your legs and upper arms. Our tip? Buy a kanga, a local sarong which can be wrapped around for extra modesty or used as a towel or scarf.

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Respect the wildlife

A safari game drive in Kenya may be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, but it’s important to follow the rules, ever ask your guide to leave the trails, and never use flash photography around animals.

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