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packing tips for united states

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US dollars

Don’t forget to tip in the USA! You’ll be expected to tip around 15% (although 20-25% is appreciated), so keep your travel card stocked with US dollars.

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Big appetite

Everything seems bigger in the USA, including the food. Prepare to loosen your belt as you feast on big portions with huge flavour and tons of love.

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All climate clothing

You can go from blazing sunshine in the west to snowy magic in the east in one USA tour, so come prepared with layered clothes and versatile shoes.

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how to travel responsibly in united states

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Stay on track in the national parks

The USA is home to the world's best national parks, and it’s important to always read the signs and stay on the marked paths when walking in the USA to avoid injury or damage to the environment.

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Learn the stories of Native Americans

When you visit the USA, it’s important to learn about the country’s indigenous peoples. Our Local Specialists will share the native history and stories behind the places you explore.

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Watch wildlife with care

The USA is known for its beautiful animals from bears to beavers and it’s incredible to see them in the wild. Help take care of them by never feeding or approaching any wild animals.

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