South America

Home to the world’s biggest rainforest, largest river and tallest waterfall, South America is a continent of dizzying natural splendor.

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From spectacular Rio to secretive ruins

The colliding cultures of its indigenous people and its Spanish colonisers have given South America a fascinatingly eclectic man-made landscape. One of its great cities is a stylish, sprawling modern metropolis, famous across the globe for its carnival and beaches. The other is a mystical complex of 15th century Incan ruins, which was hidden from the outside world for more than three centuries. 

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Brightly coloured, fun-loving carnival queen Brazil has a wonderfully varied landscape. Its most famous city, Rio de Janeiro, sits at the confluence of mountains, beaches and rainforests.

There’s plenty to see here – from the sights of Rio de Janeiro to the view over the city from Sugarloaf Mountain. There’s also lots to learn including how to mix the perfect caipirinha to how to dance the samba. The country’s natural wonders include Tijuca National Park, home to capuchin monkeys, coatis and toucans, and Iguassu Falls, a two-mile torrent on the Iguassu River, made up of more than 250 separate cascades.

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Argentina and Chile

Separated by the Andes, Argentina and Chile form the southern portion of South America, but are two very different countries. Argentina is dramatic, artistic and European.

Discover Buenos Aires by going backstage at one of the greatest opera houses in the world and eating with a family, who’ll show you how to make bread.

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Peru and Ecuador

Heavily shaped by its history, Peru is most famous for its lost Incan city, Machu Picchu. Its capital city Lima was the capital of the Spanish American empire for more than 300 years. But why join us on a journey through Peru’s past and present? We’ll introduce you to Peruvian families, the curator of a museum, an Andean storyteller, and a British explorer. As well as showing you the magical Incan ruins, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, we’ll take you to a museum in Cuzco which houses the site’s archaeological finds.

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