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packing tips for china

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Camera & extra SD card

Somewhere between the Great Wall and the cliffs of the Yangtze, you’re likely to find your camera storage full. Bring an extra SD card so you can click away without a worry.

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Extra bag space

China has some incredible places to shop for every budget, so make sure you leave room for all those wonderful souvenirs, gifts and trinkets you’re bound to find.

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Walking shoes

There are endless sights to explore in China from ancient temples and beautiful gardens to sprawling cities, so bring a comfortable pair of shoes to cover it all.

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how to travel responsibly in china

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Dress respectfully in temples

It’s important to dress appropriately when visiting temples and religious sites, and both men and women should cover their arms and legs.

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Embrace traditions and customs

China is steeped in tradition with customs that are very different from what we experience back home. Brush up on the customs before you go and remember to have patience!

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Understand business card etiquette

Many Chinese people love to hand out business cards and if you receive one, make sure you look at the card carefully before putting it away and never place it in your back pocket.

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