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packing tips for indonesia

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Light, long clothes

Indonesia mostly serves up a sunny tropical climate, so wear light, full length clothes to protect yourself from the sun and respectfully visit the temples and religious sites.

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Sun protection

From exploring the beaches and rice fields to wandering the temples, you’ll always need a hat, sunglasses and SPF 30 or higher reef-safe sunscreen on your Indonesia trip.

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Whether you want to try your hand at surfing on your Bali tour, or lounge on the beaches of Yogyakarta, come prepared with a swimsuit for your Indonesia holiday.

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how to travel responsibly in indonesia

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Say no to plastic

Waste disposal is a huge problem for Indonesia and you can help out by using refillable bottles and bags to use throughout your trip.

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Dress modestly

Indonesia is a largely conservative country and it’s important to respect the culture by leaving the swimsuit at the beach, and covering your knees and shoulders at religious sites.

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Mind your hands

In Indonesia, it’s considered impolite to point with your finger, pass or accept things with your left hand, or touch people on the head as this is a sacred part of the body.

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