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Which country is the best to visit in May?

Some of the best places to visit in May are pretty spread over the world, meaning you've got tons of choice depending on what you're into. Visit the blossoming gardens of Kyoto, savor the warmth of Santorini, or revel in the cultural festivals of Mexico.

Where is the best weather in Europe in May?

Traveling Europe in May is wonderful all over, but for the best weather head down to Southern Europe. Italy, Greece, and Spain shine with warm temperatures and sunny days. Our personal favorite spot is the Algarve, where white-washed houses look out at unforgettable sunsets over the Atlantic.

Is May an expensive month to travel?

May is a 'shoulder month' between the winter and summer and doesn't land on any school holidays, so you can snag some pretty good deals. Combine that with our May budget tours and you'll get plenty of bang for your buck.

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