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Explore England and experience breathtaking landscapes, enticing historic beauty and English charm.

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"Trip was magic, scenery stunning"
Tracy, Jun 2014

Experience England

A land filled with culture 

Discover the heart of what makes England so unique. Experience the many sides to England as you explore incredible museums, and wander the unforgettable English countryside. 


The striking city of York combines historic Roman roots with the captivating charm of Yorkshire. Walk the historic cobbles of The Shambles and wander besides the picturesque timber buildings that line this famous street. Explore the striking Gothic beauty of York Minster, and look up to witness the breathtaking sights of one of Northern Europe’s largest cathedrals. Indulge with a proper pub meal and embrace the atmosphere of a traditional English pub.

Breathtaking Countryside

From the breathtaking scenery of the Lake District to the green expanse that lines Hadrian’s Wall, discover the vast untouched natural beauty of the English countryside. Find yourself in the centre of the Lake District and explore the stunning scenery of Grasmere, former home to Wordsworth. Explore emerald green hills and take in the views of magnificent lakes, as you experience first-hand the beauty that inspired this literary icon.


Experience the historic charm of this medieval town as you wander the birthplace of the English poet and playwright, Shakespeare. This font of English history lies on the River Avon and is home to beautifully preserved Tudor homes, and stunning thatched cottages. Take a journey back in time as you explore the inside of Anne Hathaway’s country cottage, or walk the blooming gardens that surround the household and get lost in an Elizabethan-style maze.

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