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The Mona Lisa...The Starry Night…The Scream...The Birth of Venus...There’s something magic about standing in front of the world’s most famous artworks for the first time. And art travel allows you to take in the colour and textures of these masterpieces up close. Maybe you studied art history, maybe you’re an artisan, or maybe you just love creative tours that give you time to explore bucket list galleries, join art tours through trendy neighbourhoods and learn traditional crafts from living artisans.


How can travel boost creativity?

What are the best destinations for art lovers?

Where are the best museums in the world?

Close-up of Japanese calligraphy as it's painted

Creativity feeds on inspiration and what’s more inspiring than experiencing somewhere new? Soak in different styles of architecture, try new local dishes, and see famous artworks up close...After all that there’s no doubt you’ll return home feeling inspired.

Beautiful architecture in Lisbon

Art is everywhere – from the streets to gallery walls. Keep it traditional and gallery hop through NYC or London, or take to the streets where Gaudi has left a mark on Barcelona, Lima is full of street art and Lisbon’s tiles reflect the morning light.

Image of the Louvre taken from behind water fountain

Paris for the Louvre, New York for The Met, Florence for the Ufitzi, Madrid for the Prado, and London for the Tate… some destinations have world-famous galleries worth travelling for. Others are just waiting to be explored by the more adventurous.