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packing tips for egypt

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Light clothing

Egypt is a conservative country and sweltering hot for most of the year, so it’s best to wear light, loose-fit clothes that cover your shoulders, knees and midriff while being respectful.

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A scarf always comes in handy in Egypt, from sheltering you from the sand and heat, to covering your shoulders for modesty.

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Sun protection

Whatever the season, always come prepared for Egypt’s blazing sunshine and sandy desert with a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

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how to travel responsibly in egypt

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Respect the religious customs

The state religion of Egypt is Islam, so you’ll need to be respectful of customs like dressing modestly, not being intimate in public and not drinking in public.

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Use water wisely

Egypt suffers from a severe water shortage so make sure you use water sparingly, with shorter showers, turning taps off tightly and using towels and sheets more than once.

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Take care of the turtles

Sea turtles are precious residents of the Red Sea and you can help keep them safe in nesting season by giving them plenty of room and never using flash photography.

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