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australia & new zealand 2022, out now

packing tips for new zealand

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Layered clothing

New Zealand offers up all types of weather, from sunny beaches to the frosty Alps. Be sure to bring versatile clothing so you’re never caught out, whatever the weather.

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Sun protection

Don’t forget to stock up on SPF reef-safe sunscreen and strong insect repellent for your New Zealand holiday. A hat and UV protected sunglasses are essential too!

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Blank journal

With so many incredible things to see in New Zealand, you won’t want to forget a thing. A journal is a great way to record your adventures so you can reminisce in years to come.

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how to travel responsibly in new zealand

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Learn the stories of the Māori people

Take the time to gain an understanding of the history and culture of the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand by visiting historic sites, witnessing cultural performances and sharing in traditional customs like hāngī'.

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Go plastic-free

New Zealand is on track to ban all single-use plastics, so help keep the country beautiful and plastic free by using sustainable items like reusable water bottles, bags and cutlery. Be sure to take any rubbish home with you and dispose of it responsibly.

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Stay on track in the national parks

New Zealand is filled with stunning national parks, and it’s important to stay on the marked paths and read the signs to avoid damaging the environment and disturbing wildlife. If you do see any animals, keep your distance and never feed them.

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