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packing tips for india

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Light and modest clothing

When in India, it’s best to wear long, light clothing to protect yourself from the heat and to respect the conservative culture, especially when visiting religious sites.

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Sun protection

India is famed for its blazing heat and sunshine so pack a hat, UV protected sunglasses and SPF 30 sunscreen to stay sun safe on your India trip

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Pack a pair of binoculars for your jungle game drives in India, to help spot those elusive tigers and other incredible wildlife of Ranthambore National Park.

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how to travel responsibly in india

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Do not support exploitative elephant tourism

Do not participate in exploitative elephant tourism, like elephant riding or trekking, as these beautiful creatures are often abused and mistreated for years to ensure they comply or perform according to the tourism venue.

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Maintain modesty

It’s very important to be culturally sensitive in India. You should always cover your legs and shoulders, and public displays of affection like kissing are a big no-no.

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Say no to plastic

You can avoid contributing to India’s waste disposal problems, by using refillable bottles and bags. That way, you won’t bring lots of plastic waste into the country.

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