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packing tips for croatia

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Prep yourself for sun-drenched days and sparkling sea on your Croatia holiday. Pack your favourite swimsuit, and if you want to go island hopping in Croatia, bring a pair of boat shoes.

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Sun protection

With an average of 2,715 hours of sunlight every year, you’ll definitely need to stock up on sunblock before you visit Croatia. Don’t forget to bring your hat and sunglasses too!

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Ginger tablets

The Adriatic Sea is usually mellow for Croatia sailing tours, but if you’re sensitive to sea-sickness, come prepared with ginger tablets. They’re great for nipping any nausea in the bud.

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how to travel responsibly in croatia

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Leave no trace

Whether you’re going on a Croatia cruise or exploring the national parks, you can help keep Croatia beautiful. Never leave any rubbish behind and don’t disturb the wildlife.

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Go plastic-free

Waste disposal is a big issue for Croatia, but you can do your part. Instead of arriving with lots of plastic packaging, use reusable bags and bottles that you can take home.

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Try the local seafood

Head to the local restaurants along Croatia’s coastline to find the freshest seafood caught that same day. You’ll support the local community and leave with a very satisfied tummy.

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