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europe and britain 2022, out now

packing tips for russia

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Russian phrasebook

The Russian language can be tough to pick up, so bring a phrasebook to help you learn a few words. You can also download some common phrases to a translation app on your phone.

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Warm clothes

Many Russian cities have snow falling around six months of the year, so the chances you’ll need a waterproof jacket and an extra scarf are high!

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Russian Rubles

Come prepared with some cold hard cash. You’ll dodge any problems like broken ATMs or signs that read ‘credit cards not accepted’. You can also easily exchange US Dollars and Euros once you arrive in Russia.

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how to travel responsibly in russia

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Be careful with your camera

You won’t be able to resist clicking away at all the amazing places to see in Russia, but always ask permission before taking photos of locals and never take photos of government officials.

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Dress appropriately in church

If visiting a church, it pays to look the part. Men should remove their hats and wear full-length trousers, with women covering their heads and shoulders, and wearing a skirt that covers their knees.

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Taste the local delicacies

When you eat at local restaurants, you support local farmers and get to learn the stories behind all the different food traditions and tasty dishes in Russia.

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