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europe and britain 2022, out now

packing tips for france

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French phrasebook

Speak the lingo to French locals and you’ll likely be rewarded with some extra smiles and helpful tips. It’s also helpful to save some French phrases to your smartphone.

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Versatile shoes

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes for all your France sightseeing, but don’t forget a glam outfit for evenings spent people watching over wine and a cheese plate in this chic country.

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All-weather clothing

You’ll travel through a bunch of different climates in France, so make sure you throw in a jacket and scarf along with your summer clothes and swimsuit.

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how to travel responsibly in france

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Leave no trace

When you visit France and explore the beautiful landscapes, always make sure you take only pictures, leave only footprints, and kill nothing but time.

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Stay on track

Some of the best places to see in France are the stunning French Alps. If you plan to do any walking, always take care of nature and stay on the allocated paths.

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Treat your tastebuds to local food

The best way to feast on the irresistible French cuisine is to eat at local restaurants and cafes, where you’ll discover mouthwatering regional delicacies and French traditions.

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