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africa 2022, out now

packing tips for africa

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A scarf will be one of the handiest things you pack when you visit Africa. It protects you from the sun and sand and can be used to cover up when entering religious sites.

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Sunscreen & mosquito repellent

It doesn’t get more essential than a reef-safe sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and a strong insect repellent for your trip to Africa.

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Versatile clothing

Africa is known for its blazing heat but you’ll also need to prep for cool mountain air and chilly morning game drives by packing a variety of layers.

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how to travel responsibly in africa

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Respect the wildlife

Safari game drives are a thrilling experience but it’s important to always follow the rules of the reserves, never ask your guide to leave the trails or chase wildlife, and never use flash photography around animals.

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Use water wisely

Water is extremely scarce in many African countries, so help save water by reusing towels and sheets, taking shorter showers, turning off taps tightly, and reporting any leaks.

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Check your souvenirs

It is both unethical and illegal to buy products made from the tusks, horns, furs and skin of endangered animals, so go for more sustainable souvenirs like local arts and crafts made by passionate artisans.

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