Manage My Booking

Manage the following elements of your booking with our Manage my Booking service:

View your CostSaver tour
  • See an overview of your booking to date, packages purchased, a simple cost breakdown, and payment history.
Add more to your journey
  • Experience more with CostSaver earlier, and for longer. 
  • We can arrange flights to your destination, as well as pre and post tour accommodation, tailored just for you.
Pre-register for your tour
  • Save time, and let CostSaver ensure that your tour is the best experience it can be. 
  • Register the required details earlier, and be stress free.
  • Click the registration tab for more details. 
Pay your balance
  • Pay part or all of the balance for your CostSaver experience.
  • Simply log in and select the ‘Payments’ tab.