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south america 2022, out now

packing tips for south america

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All climate clothing

It gets hot on Brazil’s beaches, cold in Peru’s mountains and humid in Costa Rica’s jungles, so bring clothes to layer up so you're never caught out, whatever the weather.

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Spanish phrasebook

Spanish is the most common language in South America (except for Portuguese in Brazil!) and learning a few words will help you connect with the locals and earn a few smiles.

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Blank journal

A South America tour will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, but a journal is a great way to record your adventures so you really don’t forget anything.

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how to travel responsibly in south america

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Eat and shop local

Support the local communities of South America by eating at locally-owned restaurants and shopping at local shops. It also means you’ll pick up some authentic souvenirs and get to know the real South America.

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Support the national parks

We pay your national park entry fees as part of your Costsaver South America trip, which contributes to the protection of the land, native peoples and animals that live there, and helps keep South America beautiful.

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Save water

Many places in South America suffer from severe water shortage so make sure you save water by taking shorter showers, using towels and sheets more than once, and turning all taps off tightly.

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