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australia & new zealand 2022, out now

packing tips for australia & new zealand

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All climate clothing

From the blazing Australian Outback to the icy Southern Alps in New Zealand, you’ll need to come prepared with layered clothing on your Australia and New Zealand trip.

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Versatile shoes

You’ll journey across all types of terrain on your Australia and New Zealand holiday, so pack shoes that can take you from the beach to the mountains to the city streets.

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With so many extraordinary things to see in Australia and New Zealand, you won’t be able to resist snapping away. Be sure to bring an extra SD card so you never miss a photo op.

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how to travel responsibly in australia & new zealand

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Respect indigenous cultures

When you visit Australia and New Zealand, It’s important to learn about the history, customs, stories and sacred sites of the indigenous peoples including the Māori people and Aboriginal Australians.

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Support the local communities

If you’re looking for a great meal or some authentic souvenirs, be sure to stop by the locally-owned restaurants and shops. You’ll meet the friendly locals, support local businesses and get to know the real Australia and New Zealand.

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Be kind to the environment

You can help care for Australia and New Zealand’s beautiful environment by never leaving any food or rubbish behind, staying on the marked paths in national parks, and avoiding touching or feeding wild animals including sea life and live coral.

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