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south america 2021, out now

packing tips for ecuador

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Mosquito repellent

You’ll come across a few mosquitoes and insects, especially in the Amazon, so bring a strong repellent and apply it regularly to avoid any nasty bites.

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Waterproof bag

Ecuador is known for its rainy weather, so bring a waterproof day bag to keep everything dry on your daily adventures and keep a raincoat inside.

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Long sleeved clothes

If you’re heading to the jungles of Ecuador, you’ll need to wear light, long-sleeved shirts and trousers so your ready to layer up for any changes in the elements.

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how to travel responsibly in ecuador

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Support the national parks

We pay your national park entry fees as part of your Costsaver Ecuador trip, which helps support the conservation of the land and the animals and native peoples that live there.

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Be kind to the environment

Cut down on your waste in Ecuador by bringing a filtered drink bottle and reusable bags and containers, plus try to use eco-friendly soaps and sunscreens.

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Shop at the markets

Support the communities by shopping at the local markets. You’ll find lots of goodies like handmade crafts, great coffee and chocolate, and authentic souvenirs.

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