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packing tips for namibia

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Namibia has both the darkest night skies in the world and some of the best animals in the world, so bring a pair of binoculars for incredible wildlife spotting and stargazing.

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Versatile clothing

You’ll come across all kinds of climates in Namibia from sweltering days to cold desert nights, so pack a variety of layers to stay comfortable whatever the weather.

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A scarf will be super useful for your Namibia trip. Wrap it around your head to keep the sun and sand out or use it to cover your shoulders when you need to dress modestly.

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how to travel responsibly in namibia

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Use water wisely

Water shortages are a huge problem in Namibia, and you can do your bit to save water by reusing towels and sheets and using buckets provided in the shower to catch water which can then be used for things like washing.

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Be kind to the dunes

Most dune plants and animals live just 10cm under the surface, so if you go walking or quad biking through the dunes, always keep to the trail, drive slowly and avoid damaging the plants and wildlife.

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Be fire safe

Fires burn hard and fast in the desert and can be extremely destructive, so make sure you never drop matches or cigarette butts on the ground.

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