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Check out our 70+ itineraries, along with the Choice Experiences available on each trip. You can see the extra cost of these, so you know exactly what to budget for. From there, book your trip online, over the phone or with your travel agent.

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Once you're on your trip, simply book and pay for the Choice Experience as you go. It's as easy as that. Your Tour Director will handle all the bookings and payments, so you can literally wake up each day and ask yourself, "what'll it be today?"


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What kind of accommodation will I stay in?

Our range of quality hotels give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. The majority of our hotels are 3 & 4 star standard and each and every night of accommodation on your tour is booked for you and included in the cost of your tour. You can find details of which hotels you will stay in for specific trips on the tour itinerary page. 

Can I choose the destinations?

Once on your chosen tour, it will follow a set route selected by our team of travel experts to serve up the very best of each destination in the time you have. But with over 70 different itineraries to choose from covering 6 continents and 50+ countries, the world really is your oyster. 

Explore our full range of tours, and use the destination filters to see all tours visiting specific countries you might have in mind.

Who will I be travelling with?

A group of fellow travellers from all over the world who made the same excellent decision you did to book a Costsaver tour. As well as your tour companions you will also have your dedicated Driver and Travel Director with you 24/7.

What does the Costsaver crew do?

“What don’t they do?” might be an easier question to answer. Our Travel Directors eat, sleep and breath their destinations so you’ll enjoy a host of insider tips and local secrets. Friendly and passionate, they’ll make sure you’re clued up and comfortable from start to finish. They handle the logistics for you on the road, like hotel check-ins, entry tickets to attractions and all bookings and payments for any Choice Experiences you want to do. 

But that’s not all. Looking for tips on how to spend your free time? Your Travel Director will be there with recommendations and directions. Want to know the story behind that landmark? Chances are your Travel Director will know. Wondering where an ATM is? You guessed it, ask your Travel Director. 

You’ll also be joined by a dedicated Driver from the start to the end of your tour. Your Driver will get you around in comfort and style on your private, air-conditioned coach. With years of experience behind the wheel, our experienced drivers get you from A to B with no SOS in sight. So you can put the map down, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride.

How do I book and pay for the Choice Experiences?

Your Travel Director will handle all of the bookings and payments for any of the Choice Experiences you wish to do while you are on the road. This means you’re not locked into anything before your trip, giving you the ultimate flexibility to decide what you feel like doing (and what you want to pay for!) based on what you’re in the mood for then and there. 

Why aren’t the add-ons included in the cost of the trip up front?

Costsaver tours have been designed this way to give you a tour with the ultimate flexibility on how you spend both your time and money on your trip. By including only the essentials in the cost, we let you decide what you want to do and where you want your travel experiences budget to go. It’s all the ease of a tour with all the flexibility of DIY travel. 

Do I get any free time?

We know that some tours treat “free time” like a dirty word, but at Costsaver we LOVE free time, in fact it’s kind of our whole thing. Our tours are specifically designed to provide maximum free time for you to spend how you choose. 

With the travel essentials taken care of, what you do in destination is up to you. You can opt into any of the incredible Choice Experiences available in most of the destinations on your tour, but you can also opt-out and do your own thing, whether that’s checking out something else you have on your bucket list, exploring on your own, or simply chilling out in bed with a movie. That’s the beauty of the Costsaver unpackaged tour design.

Can I book as a solo single traveller?

Absolutely you can! In fact, we encourage it. A Costsavere tour is a great way to explore the world as a solo traveller. You’ll enjoy all the ease, security and cost savings of a tour but still enjoy the flexibility and freedom of DIY travel. Plus it’s a great way to meet fellow travellers from all over the world. 

You will be matched up with a same-sex traveller to room share with, or you can opt to have your own room. Solo room pricing can be viewed from the tour page by selecting your departure date and clicking ‘Continue’ to see the price and availability of solo rooms in the next step.

Can I travel with my partner, friends or family?

Absolutely you can! Lots of our guests travel as couples, with family or with friends. You can checkout with a single booking and you will be roomed with people from your group. 

Costsaver is the perfect choice when travelling together. Our unique Unpackaged Tour design means that everyone in your group can travel together but still choose the experiences that they want to do. 

Got a group of 9 or more? We also offer special group departures and custom group itineraries. Check out our special groups deals