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After Your Tour

Your Costsaver tour has ended, but you still have questions about what next? Below we’ve added some of our most frequently asked questions about what happens after your tour.


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How can I leave a review of my experience?

When you return home from your Costsaver tour you will receive an email from Feefo, who are an independent reviews company that collects guest reviews on behalf of Costsaver. Click the email link and leave a review of your Costsaver tour experience.

We are super proud to have a 4.5 / 5 rating on Feefo, based on feedback from thousands of independent user reviews. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to review your Costsaver experience. If you would like to browse our other reviews, click here.

I would like to make a complaint. How can I do this?

If you have a complaint to make about your Costsaver experience, please reach out through our Contact Us page. You can either submit your complaint through the form on the page, or ring our call centre team on the number displayed on the page.

Staying connected with your travel buddies

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How can I stay connected to my new Costsaver friends once I am back at home?

You can stay in touch with the Costsaver community by following us on social media. Get the latest updates, devour travel inspiration and join the conversation on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Past Guest discounts

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Am I entitled to any perks or discounts as a Costsaver past guest?

Absolutely! Once you have travelled with Costsaver you become a member of Global Tour Rewards. This entitles you to 5%* off your next tour, and a number of other benefits.​

Global Tour Rewards discounts are combinable with other Costsaver discounts, giving you even more opportunity to save.

How do I use my discount across different brands?

During the booking process online you will be asked if you are a Past Guest. Complete all requested information to receive your discount. For more help, contact us or speak to your local Travel Advisor.

How will I find out about new trips and offers?

As a member, you’ll receive emails and/or letters with exclusive information about our upcoming tours and offers.

​ What events will I be invited to?

Each brand may run events at various times throughout the year. As they are scheduled, you will be notified by email or letter.

How do I sign up to Global Tour Rewards?

You don’t have to do a thing. As soon as you get back from your first tour with any TTC Tour Brand, you’ll automatically be enrolled onto our program and will receive an email confirming all the details.

I already went on a tour with you a number of years ago. Will I be a member?

It doesn’t matter how long ago you toured with us, if you’ve taken any TTC tour in the past you’ll be enrolled as a member of the new program.

Other Travel Corporation brands

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I want to travel with another The Travel Corporation brand - how can I find out more?

Once you have travelled with Costsaver, we know you’ll return for more. Whether you choose to travel with us or one of our sister brands, we’re excited to see you again!

Costsaver is part of The Travel Corporation, which includes 40 award-winning travel brands. Between us all we visit 70 countries across the globe, so there will be an option for you. From river cruising to youth travel, safaris to family adventures, TTC’s family of brands give you endless ways to explore our world. Visit The Travel Corporation website to find out more.