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It's hard to appreciate the sheer immensity of Canada. It encompasses cosmopolitan cities, awe-inspiring scenery, and is home to the mighty Niagara Falls.

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Wide open landscapes and charming cities

Canada is a country that is nuanced and captivating. Travelling around this vast country, an endless variety of landscapes rolls by; the wonderful scenery of the many National Parks, the mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains, prairies and rugged coastlines. Besides natural beauty, this country also offers some urban gems like charming Quebec and Montreal and bustling cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. 

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The city of Quebec is full of history.​ With its cobblestoned streets, charming churches and pretty squares and the iconic Chateau Frontenac, Quebec oozes old world charm. And not just in its streets and alleys. Within the walls of old town Quebec and in the St-Jean Baptiste, Colline Parlementaire, Montcalm and St-Roch areas, there are numerous delightful shoppes and French style bistros offering up food that can rival top notch European restaurants. 

Rocky Mountains

One of the world’s most spectacular mountain landscapes offers never-ending views of snowy mountain tops, glaciers, and glacial lakes. It’s a popular national park for outdoor activities and boasts an abundance of hiking, biking and horse riding paths. If you’re lucky, you might just spot some wildlife like grizzly bears, moose or even mountain lions.


The Maritimes

The scenic coastline of the maritime provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, are dotted with picturesque bays, sandy beaches and quaint ocean-side towns. Revel in the Victorian architecture of Charlottetown, inspect the fortress of Louisburg and discover the sights of Halifax in Nova Scotia. 

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