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Which country is the best to visit in April?

Craving culture? In need of nature? April is full of blooming destinations: Japan dazzles with cherry blossoms, Spain hosts lively festivals, and Holland's tulip fields are bursting with color. In our humble (but expert) opinions, these really are the best places to visit in April.

Why travel off season?

Off-season travel means fewer crowds, lower prices, and a chance to discover destinations authentically. Enjoy quieter attractions, personalized experiences, and save a bit of cash with the lower prices. Stretch your money even further by taking one of our April budget tours.

Where is it warm in April in Europe?

Europe's hot April travel destinations are found in the Mediterranean. Countries like Italy, Greece and Spain will have you thinking summer's come early! Embrace the charm of coastal towns, cultural treasures, and alfresco dining without the crazy summer crowds.

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